Deaf People can do Anything apart from Hear!

I found this youtube from my friend's facebook. Wow.. Many deaf people from another countries, like China, USA, UK, and others... We deafs can do anything! ^^ We can become engineer, doctor, teacher, and etc etc! If you deaf, please don't think this disability as hindrance in your life.. Don't give up! :)

I really like this! They really do good performance for this! :) You can believe it!
The building communication bridges between the deaf and hearing community are extremely important too because the hearing people can see that we can do the same things they can do! Read "Building and Crossing Bridges" article from DeafNation blog.

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Jessica said…
I always liked the "Deaf people can do anything but hear" slogan, but after giving it some thought I realized it's not entirely accurate since many deaf people CAN hear (with a cochlear implant...) That, of course, brings up the issue of who is really "deaf" - but politics aside, I don't think that's really accurate anymore.