The Ugly Truth Movie Review

Abby Richter, television producer, and Mike Chadway, shock television host, for a local television channel. The ratings have been approaching zero and getting worse when the channel’s manager picks Chadway from the public access channel to spice things up. His show, appropriately named The Ugly Truth, is about the battle between the sexes. Chadway begins his loudmouthed but oddly successful quest. Then, he make a deal with Abby because she really hates him! :P In their deal, he will coach her what men like, so she can find a girlfriend, but he ends up falling for her along the way! :D
Last sunday, I met my long-friends in One Utama Shopping Mall. We are enjoying to chat and shopping there! My deaf friend, Kelly suggest to watch the 'Final Destination' movie! So, we rush to go check if the movie be avaliable or not? But, no more movie 'Final Destination' already. :( We decided to pick up a movie - "The Ugly Truth" so, I think that mostly girls like this romantic movie? Haha.. Long time, I don't see the romantic movies because I always love the action movies only :P

This movie is romantic comedy! But, its best for the couples or singles; guys and girls...I think that they will learn each other when Chadway also help her about how to date a guy and explore what a guy likes.. For me, I really don't believe that a guy likes 'sex' than 'love'?? O_o Funny, Chadway and Abby always fight each other like dog and cat! Haha.. I knew that they sure fall love each other in the end of movie! :P

I think that this movie is fine. Lots of jokes and crazy things are happened in this movie :) If you want to watch this romantic movie, you bring your girlfriend/boyfriend la. Haha..

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