Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is over..

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Do you know about Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle? It is very popular anime in Japan. Many characters also involved in the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Anime that the CHAMP taken from Card Captor Sakura, Legal Drug, Angelic Layer, X, Chobits, Magic Knight Rayearth and Tokyo Babylon.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Anime and Manga, finally be end on last month, September. I really surprised when the CHAMP decided to finish the anime,Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle so, it's great story when you start to watch anime or read this manga..But, the episodes are continue so long time.. When it's come to end, I am really don’t understand about what are Yuuko's meaning (from xXx Holic)and the memories always confuse us! @_@ All are because cloning stuffs! Syaoran and Sakura are cloned..that is why their memories are created and sometimes mix with other memories...

It is really sad and painful about Syaoran and Sakura clone because they were given a third chance at life due to some awesome loop hole and all the sacrifices made throughout the series. When a creator, Fei Wong Reed who is died, they must be dead but somewhere in another universe the clones are reborn with no past memories and we see them passing each other on the street, giving them a hope to live..I think like see them before in other manga that is related with Card Captor Sakura.


Before this come to end, I also surprised that Clone Sakura said Watanuki is same as real Syaoran! I am sure that Yuuko also knew it from the beginning when she met Watanuki in other manga (xXx Holic). The CHAMP is really smart! They make the connection between tsubasa reservoir chronicle and xXx Holic are very interesting and make us curious more about who are Watanuki and Syaoran? From beginning, I thought Watanuki and Syaoran are brothers, but they are not because their personality are different! In the truth, Watanuki is a part of real Syaoran.

When I read this manga, real Syaoran wanted to give up before Watanuki’s explanation. He was thinking about giving up his life because the clone Syaoran or real Syaoran would be too much of a price to pay.. I am really touched about Watanuki tells real Syaoran that he is happy that he was born. Even though he said “Thank you for giving birth to me” - what Watanuki really is saying “I forgive you for forcing your decisions on to other people and creating me to live a miserable life”. This is all because Fei Wong Reed wanted to bring Yuko back to life and forced Syaoran pay a price for this, that is why Watanuki is existed in other world (xXx Holic). The point is Watanuki is okay with his existence and also happy about what he live in his world and meet friends, and spirits which are very important to him.

Finally, real Syaoran and Sakura get their clones' memories inside their body. They are very sad and understand that their clones are very suffered through their jounery like 'Circle of Time', mean it never to be end for them..So, they have to do something for real syaoran and sakura with their survive of life. This is giving them to start a new life, mean real Syaoran decide to make new jounery to find what's an important of meaning in his life. Fai and Kurogane also join him..Real Sakura cannot join in, but it's really give a surprise to me!! They finally said their true name are 'Tsubasa'! Syaoran and Sakura share the SAME name. What have we learned from this entire series? That in every universe there is someone just like you that shares the same heart, soul, and name. Gender might not matter and their appearance might not be the same. So…..are Syaoran and Sakura the same person? Why they don't tell their real names in the beginning of story? O_O Maybe they hide something from..?? Why did Sakura have to hide her name all this time? Why does her family call her Sakura? This is more question which are given by the readers.. :P

sakura and syaoran

I think that Sakura said "we will meet each other again". This means that CHAMP want to do new manga again? What I think about this story gives you many meaningful about what is an important life in the universal - they will meet same person in another world and share their experience in other world. For example, Sakura, Fai, Syaoran and Kuragone meet same person that they knew in another world, but same person don't know who are them, no matter same person's soul are exisited in anywhere - universal.

This story is great! Sakura and Syaoran are the teenager, sometimes different than
they are kids in the Card Captor Sakura. I am to be honest.. I prefer that the Card Captor Sakura because it is very cute and fantasy. :P I will read new manga again if CHAMP do new one!

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Anonymous said…
How do i get the manga . I really want to read it !!
Selina Wing said…
Read this manga online:

Enjoy,ya! (^_^)