Deaf Graduates in KDU Campus Newsletter!

Do you know about deaf students who studied in KDU College, PJ before? :D With an editor's request, I am looking for the deaf graduates, Kimberly, Foo Ruishan and Anthony. Luckily, they are my friends, so I asked them for their interview. They agreed to join me, expect Foo Ruishan because they want to write some article about the students' life and experience... :)

There are three deaf graduates from KDU College, Petaling Jaya Campus. They enrolled the Computer Studies in Information Technology (IT). We interviewed Kimberly and Anthony for KDU Campus newsletter issues 09/09.:) Check out it!

Kimberly Ngo, Diploma in Computer Studies; 2004 - 2007
Kimberly appreciates the pastoral care form her lecturers, whom, in desiring to communicate more effectively with them, had enrolled for a Sign language course. Besides giving tutorials, the lecturers would also check frequently with them to ensure they could understand the lessons and that they were comfortable with their studies, friends and the facilities in the campus... more! - From source; KDU Campus Newsletter issues 09/09

Now, there are few deaf students still studying the Design in KDU College, Penang. And a deaf student just graduate his degree IT in this year. KDU College also have disability students before. :) KDU also provided the disability-friendly environment, like accommodate accessibility by wheel chairs If you interested to study in KDU College, Petaling Jaya or Penang. Find more about or you can leave a comment here if you like to know about it.

Haha.. I am surprised about they published an article about Kimberly and me in the Media Relation! O_o See this article here.. :P

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