Deaflympic Part 2: A Deaf Malaysian Player who win a bronze medal in the Bowling

Mohd ZAIDI bin Awang who is from Kelantan, Malaysia that become an Elite player who got the medals from SOPMA,SUKMA, Asia Deaf Sport, and etc..Today, he success to get the BRONZE medal in Deaflympic Taipei 2009. He is very spirited and never give up until won the BRONZE medal! It is very good news for deaf community Malaysia! We are very happy and get the great players in Malaysia, like Mohd Zaidi, Thomas Teh, and others! We hope that they can do their best to show what they can do! I am surprised when I am watching the TV ESPN Malaysia Astro give the stories about Mohd Zaidi in Deaflympic Taipei!

As I heard about the Deaf Malaysian players still be in the competition Badminton Deaflympic Taipei.. There is the Deaf malaysian players still keep to reach until the semi-final~ I am sure that many deafs want to watch the deaflympic tv about Teh Cheong Hock and Yeo Kok Fang, deaf malaysian players in the competition Badminton! We still wait for their results for this! :D See more information about the Blog Harapan Warga Pekak Malaysia

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