Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs


Manny, Sid, Diego, and Ellie are back in this third film in the computer-animated Ice Age series! Manny and Ellie are expecting their first baby, while Sid the sloth tries an unconventional way of starting a family that gets him into trouble. With all this talk of babies, Diego might be losing his saber-toothed edge, but a journey to save Sid may just turn the whole group into heroes. In addition to all that adventure, it wouldn’t be an Ice Age film if Scrat weren’t on a desperate hunt for an acorn, but he might get distracted by a shapely female squirrel.


You watched the movies: Ice Age 1 and 2 before? I remembered that Manny, Diego and Sid are very funny while they are on their jounery! I like the character, Manny because he also acted like funny, stupid, brave and love to help his friends. :D I think that this movie "Ice Age 3" is friendly film that will make your children laugh. Wow! Dinosaurs also come into this movie?? I think that Ice Age is come after Dinosaurs Age because the dinosaurs already passed away in years before the ice age.. That is why they try to make some interesting about a part story about dinosaurs have been living in an underground cavern just under the ice!

There is a really crazy character, Weasel Buck! He are very funny, crazy and always love to hunt the dinosaurs than Sid! :P Maybe he will replace Sid? hehe He is with Manny,her wife, Diego and two stupids while they are looking for Sid. And other scene, Scrat the squirrel and a newfound love are beginning! They always fight over a nut..I love it! :D You better to watch this movie if you want to see what is a stupid squirrel doing with his newfound love!

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