Harry Potter and Half of Blood Prince Review


In Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, Harry finds a book marked mysteriously, "This book is the property of the Half Blood Prince," which helps him excel at Potions class and teaches him a few dark and dangerous ones along the way. Meanwhile, Harry is taking private lessons with Dumbledore in order to find out about Voldemort's past so they can find out what might his only weakness.

Long time I not see this movie~ but i feel that the previous movie; Harry Potter 1, 2 and 3 are better than now. After that, I not see the Harry Potter movie 4 and 5 again because I always busy with my studies. I also have the collection books - Harry Potter at my home! :D I think that it is better to read the books than watch movie because sometimes the movie have to be shorten time and separate the different scenes.

They not always use magic to fight with the evil people and it showed that less action only, so, they also used to talk alot lot..but there are an interesting scene about how to study magic in the Hogwarts school; Harry is also learning a lot from an old Potions textbook that contains clever notes from someone self-styled the "Half-Blood Prince.". And they played interesting game, Quidditch but this game don't take long time.. :(

The 6th movie isn't too scary for the kids, with a good dose of humor, relationship between friends - Love, charm , and more close with dark forces. This chapter ends with a moment of steeled resolve as Harry prepares himself to make the journey and fight his enemies..

To be honest, I am really boring because it took 2 1/2 hours long! It make me want to sleep :( Hehe..I hope that next movie will be better on next year!

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Anonymous said…
Selina, you haven't missed anything. Movies 4, 5, and 6 are so different from the book, it is disturbing. A lot of the endings are differnt. This is the director's way to *cushion* the end for kids. But to be honest to say, Book 4,5, and 6 are a lot more darker than the movie is. I predict the 7th movie (which will be split in 2 films) Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, will be the last film that will cause the biggest uproar if it's made different than the book.
Plus, I also encourage you to save your money to buy the DVD movie. Don't waste going to the theater. It was grossly a wasted evening to see this present film.
Selina Wing said…
Yeah, I agree with you! It is different than books. ^ ^ I prefer to read the Harry Potter books.

My mom just try to watch this movie only. This is her first time :D She thought it is will come to end but she really disappointed with this movie..boring~