+ Anima

In this alternate-reality fantasy world, there exist normal human well as others that possess animal-like characteristics. These mysterious beings called "+Anima" are shunned by "normal" society. The story focuses on four of these special beings: Cooro (a crow), Husky (a fish), Senri (a bear) and Nana (a bat). These four friends travel to not only find others like themselves, but to also gain acceptance in world cruel to anyone or anything that is different...

The story shows, through flashbacks, the different histories of the characters. In Husky and Nana's case, their pasts seem to have influenced their current fears of water and forests at night, respectively. Senri and Cooro's pasts, however, remain for the most part a mystery, with only small pieces of Senri's past shown and none of Cooro's with the exception of the very beginning..

Another factor is what appears to be a war of some sort brewing, with swords being forged and soldiers assembled. The army is encountered twice by the main characters, and both times the four find themselves being looked badly upon. As the story progresses, more and more is revealed about the characters and the present predicament alike...


This manga finally be completed already. It make me laugh! :D I really like the main characters because they are cute and always do rush things...They still are kids, but sometimes they bring good results to another people.. Because the +Anima's powers are not understood by the normal people, and the +Anima are subject to, it is sad, the human cannot accept anima people in the world..I think that it more like HEROS and X-Men..

The children aged 14 or below can transform into +Anima usually when they come close to death or mortal danger.. their ability appears on the body of the person, in the form of a black tattoo-like marking..For example, tatoo's symbol like fish, and bear.. But, how the children can get +anima power if they near death? Why they chosen by a god? The rearchers cannot explain what is +Anima phenomenon.. + Anima people afraid of the negative reaction from others, most +Anima tend to hide their true powers and continue to live with the human..

Can they find out about the truth + Anima? They can live together with the human? :) Or they want to live in +Anima World? Better to read this manga!

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Enjoy to read~

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