Natsume Yuujinchou


From the first season, Natsume was born with his ability to see spirits and this ability wasn’t an easy burden to carry. As a child he didn’t realize that other people couldn’t see the same things as he. So while his parents might have put up with it, when they died and he went to live with relatives – they found him creepy and didn’t want anything to do with him. Eventually Natsume gets passed to a distantly related household of a older childless couple. This couple treat Natsume kindly and he attempts to cover-up his ability because he does not want to be a bother to them.

The “Book of Friends”, as you’d imagine, is a very powerful item since Reiko defeated so many spirits in her time. As a consequence, many spirits would love to get their hands on it and many other spirits would simply like their names back. To help protect himself Natsume extracts a promise from Nyanko-sensei to be his bodyguard. So over the course of the series we get to meet spirits that want the book or want their names back or just Natsume’s help.

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There are getting two seasons; Natsume Yuujinchou and Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou. I think that Natsume Yuujinchou is a perfect summer-series. This story shines in the dream-like atmosphere it manages to create the calm and happniess that you can relax at as it progresses with its heart-warming stories about the interaction between spirits and humans. Many youkai are different creatures in the world! O_O Some youkai don't like human, sometimes they like human.. Some want the strong power, or many..

I really like Nyanko-sensei because it is cute cat spirit! :D First time, I saw this cat is different and looks as 'lucky cat' than normal cat.. :) Really good idea! He always love to drink sake, eating a lot, and still acts as 'funny' cat who is very sturborn! ^ ^ He always fight with Natsume.. But, he is very strong when he transformed into real 'white wolf'! Natsume is not strong as his grandmother but he still want to help the youkai and try to understand them about what they like to interact with human...

I feel pity about Natsume because he don't have any friends and always stay alone... Since he moved into his grandma's place, the 'Book of Friends' changed his life and he spend alot time with Nyanko-sensei to meet a lot of youkai who know his grandma so very well.. He also get new friends; classmates; a friend who can see the spirit and etc...Wow, Natsume is very famous and really alike as his grandma! I thought that Natsume's grandma hates human because they always bully her or don't want to near her.... :P but her heart is very care about youkai and human... She never forget them.. I wonder why she leave many things that she never solve the problem..? Maybe she wants to make her generation continue this..?

This story is really great and make funny scenes, especially nyanko-sensei.. XD The artwork is simple but it make more interesting about different youkai and the touching stories! You better to get the chance to catch this great show, I’d strongly recommend that you do!

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Enjoy to read the Onemanga: Natsume Yuujinchou

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akiraceo said…
Listening to "Aishiteru" from the anime right now :)

Love the anime so much..
very touching.. :3

hopefully there will be Season 3
Selina Wing said…
Miao~ Yeah I really love this anime! :3 We hope season 3 will come! :)

Natsume Yuujinchou (Season 1) - Summer
Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou (Season 2) -Winter..
Maybe season 3 - it will be spring? XD hehe
YChien said…
this anime looks nice. A genre I like. Will watch it after I finish Ghost In The Shell. Heard of it before? It's pretty nice too. =)
Selina Wing said…
Ghost in The Shell? It is really good story?:)