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About Typing Maniac

Be like a writer in a lonely library and test the speed of your fingers! Type the falling words as fast as you can before they reach the ground. Earn bonuses for typing words without making mistakes.

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My eldest sister asked me to try play this addicting game, Typing Maniac on Facebook. It’s both fun and great to see how you can type so faster! It is really a game of speed typing and test your skill memory and typing speed; fast or slow? :D She is really fast!! She always be at top than me and youngest sister! Same as the games: Word Challenge and Who has the biggest Brain? Normally, eldest sis or bro always have high intelligent in I.Q?..HAHA!

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When you start this game, all you have to do is type out the words and hit the enter button as they come falling down the screen in a tetris fashion. If you miss too many words, you'll fail and don't get score. After you reach at the higher level, the words will fall so faster..Again, the words get longer and harder to type when you complete each level.. Don't worry, you get the support magic, such as you can type 'ice' to freeze the words, 'fire' to wipe out the board and 'slow' to slow the rate of words falling and 'wind' to clear his papers...

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Many avatars are cute when you get scores..The highest score I've achieved so far is 160,000..My status is Modern age man T_T! My sis got 200,000 as space man but my friend is crazy until got 400,000 - robot! WOW! It is hard to beat them!

typing maniac4If you are addicted facebook, you can add the Typing Maniac application and give a try only. It'll make for a good typing practice till you will type so faster! I think that it is good to memory all words while you are typing.. Enjoy ya!

Tips on this games

- Don't waste your power magic; fire, wind, slow, and ice. Keep all since you start game..until at the higher level, you can use magic if the words are falling so fast, and harder to type.
- Get bonus if you type the words so faster without a miss.
- Better to use ice and slow because more than 10 levels, the words will become longer and fast to fall. Or you confuse so u can use fire to clear the words.

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Anonymous said…
I'm confused wif the "wind" function in Typing Maniac, i donno what is the use of it.

it doesnt seem to have any use if compare to "fire","ice","slow"
Selina Wing said…
if your papers be higher, you can type 'wind' to blow up the papers so you don't lose :P
YChien said…
I actually have a hard time playing this game. I guess I am really bad at it...xD
flashqa said…
Question - how to score more points? what do the grey words mean? and, fo longer words gove more points?

another question, you can't store more that 6-7 binuses right?

Selina Wing said…
I not sure about how get more score.. I saw my eldest sis play it.. Got double scores when you type words.. for example, you type 'Tom', the you type 'Tree', I think it mean same 'T' mean double..

You make sure no error when you type words. You can get bonus if no error..

I not sure what is grey word. I don't think longer words give more points..I will ask eldest sis about it :P She always get higher scores than me..
Anonymous said…
My highest score is 238,428 and I'm a spaceman ;) It's the only game besides Geo Challenge I'm good at ;)
Mrs4444 said…
Still wondering what the gray words mean...I'm getting worse, instead of better!!!
katieexo3 said…
I'm not sure what the gray words mean either.
But the game is SOOO much fun.
Right now my highest score is 617,063
and I am an Alien!
Anonymous said…
Better advice:
Use the magic words as often as you can. It makes your life easier.

But only use them when you know you can replace then, and always keep your 'shelf' full.

For example: If you have 'Ice' on your shelf, and a blue word is coming down - type 'ICE', freeze everything, and make sure the first word you enter is the one that eas shaded blue. That way you've kept your book shelf stocked with magic, and you have given yourself an easier shot at getting all of those frozen words!

Same with Fire, Slow, etc. If you type fast enough, you can type the red word, hit etner, and then type fire fast enough so you don't lose the word from a full shelf.

My high score is 1,179,270.
Anonymous said…
My highest score is 340,000. I still don't know what the wind means but sometimes I type it so I don't lose points by letting it go. Then I get rid of it off my shelf so it doesn't take up room. After level six the words fall faster so I try to have slows on my self all the time. I press enter to start the game and then type slow really fast. It slows the words down immediately. I try not to waste my helper words but sometimes I forget and type ice while the words are still slow. Another thing I do that helps if the words are falling too fast, is type slow to slow the words down and then type fire to get rid of a bunch of them. The next words will still be coming slow so it is easier.

If it seems like you are stuck at a level just keep playing. Eventually you will work up. I'm at Cyborg now.
Anonymous said…
The grey words, if you get them wrong, they fall faster to the bottom of the page, unlike the ordinary words which give you a chance to type them again. That's something I've noticed, but not sure if they have another purpose.
Anonymous said…
The wind is to give you more time when the words are falling too fast it's like a second chance....when you are just about to loose you see the little red flag going up... type Wind and you'll get more time to recuperate and pass to the next level.... have fun!
Selina Wing said…
Thank you for everyone's advice! ^ ^