Kyoukai no Rinne

You remembered about the popular manga, Inuyasha and Ranma which worked by Rumiko Takahashi? I love Inuyusha because this story is very amazing and make more challenges between Inuyusha's group and evil enemies- youkai, spirits, etc! It is very interesting story! I not yet finish read Ranma manga..Haha. Check out my review about Inuyasha and Ranma.

After Rumiko finished the long story of Inuyasha, Kyoukai no Rinne is new manga just to be released in last month. It called 'Rinne' - japanese manga series written and illustrated.. The story of new manga is about a girl who got lost in woods mysteriously then acquire ability to see ghosts and spirits. I not sure if this will be horror story like Inuyasha?


Sakura Mamiya, a high school girl who became able to see ghosts after she was "spirited away" for a week when she was a child, though she does not remember the details of the experience. Once in high school, Sakura wishes to be done with her extrasensory perception which is an annoyance to her. She meets a shinigami of sorts named Rinne Rokudo, a classmate of hers who was absent for the first month or so of school. His job is to guide spirits, who are bound to the Earth due to regrets, to the wheel of reincarnation so that they may be reborn. The wheel appears as a large red, spoked wheel revolving in the sky...


When I read this manga, I feel that this girl is really stupid, not like Akane (Ranma).. Sometimes, she looks as cute, but she still confuse about what is different between human and spirits.. I am sure that she will make more trouble with Rinne when he has a mission about exorcises a spirit while he works as 'Shinigami'. Maybe she try to understand about 'another world'..

For me, she looks as Kagome? Because she can see the ghosts and spirits..What you think about it? :P

Rinne is Sakura's classmate and shinigami that sending the ghosts/spirits to another world through a large red, spoked wheel revolving in the sky..Why his hair is red?? He looks as Ranma character..I think that he is similar as 'Inuyasha' but, he also acted as 'cool' or sometimes show his pififul sin..He is funny when he still need coins and money to exorcise a spirit.. That is why he always borrow $$ from Sakura..He is really poor and don't have alot of clothes... Its surispre me about a shinigami need to pay $$ if he/she want to exorcise..? :P

So far, Kyoukai no Rinne has been kinda Bleach-ish, with Shinigami thing going on.. I like the beautiful red wheel used as the path to another world, mean if you die, you will send there.. Rinne's grandma knew something about Sakura? We will see what happen about this story! :)

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renaye said…
ah. i can see the similarity in the drawing with all her previous work. hopefully this is something different than the other exorcist manga out there!
Selina Wing said…
Rumiko's drawing is still same :D But this story is different..I hope that it will be more interesting! ^^
KirishimaAyama said…
Rinne needs money to pay for tools because he isn't fully shinigami, which means he needs to buy tools which a shinigami would naturally possess.