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My best friend, Eze told me that PlayFish that created a new game - "Restaurant City" in Facebook! WOw!! He read the forum playfish so, he is very addicted with Pet Society and Restaurant City now! Me too! XD Last month, we start to play this game in Facebook... The feeling I have for the game is kind of similar to Pet Society. Though probably not as hard to play as Pet Society. So, I introducted new game to my sisters..Then, my sisters joined me to play..Hehe I hired them as the chefs/waitress that work in my restaurant.. lol

When you are playing this game, you will manage your own restaurant and hire your ‘friends’ as workers. You have to answer daily quize about food when you login in~! Everyday, I pick up my daily bonus, feed my staffs, pick some rubbish, answer the daily quiz and visit my friends’ restaurant if some friends join me in this game.. Don't worry, this game to auto run in your restaurant and level up by itself..You also can leave this game on while you are not playing so you sure gain more money, but you don't get extra point when you are offline.. This is also useful if you want to gain level faster.


Normally, we get the 3 tables per cook, then 1-2 waiters per 3 cooks. You can select one of the recipes in the menu; appetizer, main course & dessert..They will serve three recipes which you select.. You can level up one recipe if you have enough ingredients. You can trade your ingredient with your friends if you want new recipe! :D

Wow! My friends do the beautiful restaurants, such as Hawaii Baywatch, Devil Kitchen, Mocha Cafe, Venice Palace, and Garden of Eden. Well, I like their creative idea when they do the decoration in their restaurant! :D I decided to do the Chinese-style restaurant so I give a new name "Shiko-Dragon"..Hehe See my pictures below;

chinese restaurant

restaurant city facebook1

So here are a few tips and pointers for Restaurant City.

How can I get new ingredients?
- Daily Freebie
- Daily Quiz
- Visiting a Friend’s restaurant for the first time (Get clicking!)

Ways to gain more coin
Shake trees and pick up trash (you can only see trash if you aren’t managing your restaurant properly e.g. not picking up finished dishes). You aren’t guaranteed a coin every time you do it but it is still an easy way to gain some coins.

Level up the Recipes
level up lots of recipes at once, restrain yourself. Your restaurant can only serve one dish from each category (appetizer, main course & dessert) at a time. So, choose one recipe, click to make sure it’s the recipe being served so fast when you level up a dish.

Keeping your Employees Happy
Monitor your employees happiness. It make them moving so faster. It is easy to gain money so quickly! :D

Do you want the food quiz answers? Go to see here!
Please visit the Playfish Forum to get more tips and tricks

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kian hui said…
hey, you're playing restaurant city too?
im just a passerby, im playing this game too and i love it :D add me ya! hope to see another neighbour :P
Anonymous said…
hi im becoming addicted too. add me so u can gve me tips lolz
Anonymous said…