Love Matter Review

Love Matters is a humorous and entertaining look at love, happiness and issues concerning our straight laced society. If you guys never know what is love, u better watch it. For me, this movie for those who have a quite liberal thinking about sex and marriage.. I saw lot of families and malays watch this movie when I entered in the cineam! I think that this movie is great and give the moral lesson for everyone

The story revolves around a married man who love his wife but he involved in the affair love, a bachelor who likes to flirt with girls and a schoolboy who is just starting to get involve into these love and lust matters since he fell love on his classmate's girlfriend. So, their accidental journey in seeking and keeping love and happiness.


This will give a 'lesson' on sex education, family, marriage and relationship. I see the interesting scene about the teenagers want to know more about sex and lure a teenager to fall in their trap..They also put the videos in YouTube after they record a video clip with used their mobile phone! O_o Especially, the girls must be careful when they already dating.. Pity old man..he easy to believe a young girl and fell in her trap 'affair sex'! :P A bachelor's story is very stupid and make me laugh out! HAHA! One word always question you all - "Can't there be love without sex?" That is why a wife try to ask old man and playboy Jeremy justifying his lifestyle by claiming it to be God's design.. There are another scene about a breakdown in communication between parents and children, that is why they don' know how to explain and give an advice to their children..

If you love this comedy story, you better to watch this~ ;)

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