Pink Panther 2 review


When the time come, there is a master-thief, known as The Tornado, who comes out of retirement to steal some of the world’s most priceless artifacts, including the Pink Panther Diamond. So, Inspector Clouseau has something to do with an international team of experts who attempt to recover their treasures from around the world, including the Pink Panther diamond and catch the culprit "The Tornado".

Funny, I laughed uncontrollably when Clouseau tried to tell the SWAT team about a password security - "hamburger"! I really like the Smart Car because its cutee..Hehe Funny, they went to park their car into the small place! And Ponton is very scare when Clouseau drives the Smart Car! :P



There is also some supposedly humor involving the pope! This is my first time to watch the scene about the amazing place - Pope's buliding... Clouseau acted as weird and funny while he explained how to stole the ring to the Pope and the detectives..Then, he try to go outside after he is wearing the priest's cloth.. He don't notice that many visitors tried to take a photo on him at the Pope's buliding! They thought him is the Pope. It is funny.. HAHA! Sometimes, he cannot solve this case on his own because he confused about his relationship with Nicole? :P Maybe, Ponton and Nicole knew that Clouseau is genius detective? Who knows it? You better to watch this movie! :D

This is a really goofy movie for them to be involved with, they’re mostly there to provide a backdrop for Martin’s humor!

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