Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PlayStation 2 in Malaysia

 The Red PlayStation 2 will hit on this February 4 in Asia. This new SCPH-900 series was released in Malaysia on last year- December 08. It has a built-in power supple and weighs at a mere 720 grams. It will be priced at 16,000 Yen ($160) the unit comes with an analog controller, AV cable and power. The new color, Akai Takara Kurenai, or (loosely) Crimson Red Treasure comes out just in time for Lunar New Year. (via Engadget)

See more info about the product specificationPS2 in Press release, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, Japan

I bought new red PS2 at the price RM580 in the JUSCO Shopping Mall, Kepong. So, it is cheap! It can get FREE 10 DVD games and another analog controller (grey)! It have one warranty - 1 year for ps2 and another analog controller- 1 month only. If you prefer a black PS2, it is priced RM 500 only. I think that it is very nice colour for Chinese New Year! I enjoyed to play this PS2 at home~ :)

Updated 2011:
PS2 Black - around RM500 - 600
PS2 White - around RM 400 - RM 500


Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

wahh way cheaper than psp @@

Selina said...

Yeah, I saw PSP price now is RM800 - 850.. I heard that they sell ps2, Wii, psp, and etc - more cheaper in the 'Summit' Shopping Mall

WII - RM 1110
Xbox - around RM 1600
PS3- around RM 1800

If you do exercise, better to buy Wii.. you can move your body..:P

Michael Yip said...

Quite sad actually, everywhere else is going for PS3 and Sony Malaysia is still talking about PS2 like it's the greatest console in the world.

Well, I guess can't do much cause PS2 is more stable now hor. PS3 if die, have to bring back to Sony Singapore to fix

Anonymous said...

im looking for ps2 i havent found any ps2 that worth RM

Selina said...

I don't think that ps2 will sell at RM 480 but, I heard some bought RM 500 - 600 only.

mr.shakey said...

how much price now?? i wanna buy ps2 .. but in low price..

Selina said...

Depends on the game shops. I told you that I visited to the different shop. They sell ps2 at price RM 580 or 600 but sometimes, they don't offer free game CDs or analog controller. If you are lucky, they get offer promotion or special to you :)

If you prefer black ps2, maybe around RM 500. For white ps2, i think cheaper than black.

You try to visit around the game shops at anywhere near your home.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for PS2 buyer. Price nego, still in good condition and rarely use. if any 1 interested call me 0126459311 (alann). . .

Selina said...

Wow.. why you not try to check on http://www.mudah.my/

JonJun said...

what the hell, I still remembered I sold my less than one year old ps2 black 05' back in 2006 with one 8mb memory card, 2 ori cont. 1 unused one and another unused fake cont. and also lik 30+ dvds for just rm550. my console was in pretty good condition back then. now still selling more or less at this price?!
should the price drop to at least 399 now!
I still having like bout' 20 ps2 titles I kept till now, anyone still wants it I wonder

Selina said...

Now if you like PS2, you buy PS2 around RM 400 - 500 only. I think some still play PS2 until now because it's cheaper than PS3, enough.

Anonymous said...

Anyone selling ps2 for rm300??

Selina said...

You can ask your friends if they sell old ps2 or not. :)

Anonymous said...

hi im in kuala lumpur.i need to buy ps2 game cd.where can i find and how much the price

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