A moon is smiling at you!


Monday- 1 Dec 2008, I am received a sms from my friend. This message said,"A moon is smiling at you. Go to look up the sky.." I thought that it is joke message. Not me only, my mom also got sms before. She believed it then she asked me and my sis go to find a moon at outside..

When we are walking our dog, Nikki, we went to look up at the moon.. What?! It is true!! I ran back to my home so quickly and told my mom that "A moon can smile!!" Then, I took my hp and want to catch the pictures - "A moon is smiling at you"..

This picture is blur and very dark..:( But, this is the best picture which I see in my life! The two planets (Jupiter and Venus) above the moon acted as the eyes and the crescent moon was positioned in such a way that it looked like a pair of closed lips.

smilling moon

Why it is happened? The Star newspaper confirmed it - See the info here.

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Anonymous said…
heyy.. i saw that too :D , i thought no one realize that
Selina Wing said…
Yeah..not many people see it ^ ^ I am lucky to see it!
gosh that it was awesome!!
too bad i didnt manage to see it :(

a rare sight indeed