Merry Christmas @ Mid Valley

When I reached at Mid Valley, I saw many people are busy taking the pictures at the Center Court! Wow, they are doing the circuit with tall trees! I see the animals around the circuit, such as horse, bear, and etc.. I think that they want to do the performance crowns at the center court, so it can attract more kids, and tourists.. I took more pictures.. I love it~! :D








just apple said...

i'm going MV this thursday too! and i will blog it mayb tooo~ i love christmasssssssssss i love it!~ i wan rudolph~

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

omg.. its so pretty ~~~~
~.~ might go check it out this coming saturday..

Selina Wing said...

Haha.. you can take the pictures there.. Many trees around..o_O

zeff said...

wah so many lights duno how much they spend for those @@

Selina Wing said...

yeah! I think that they spend lot $$$ to put many decos and lights around the trees.. :P

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