Monday, December 22, 2008

Dog VS Cat??

My eldest sister wrote this story in her blog.. lol Our dog, Nikki is cute! Haha She got idea when she see our dog bark bark with a cat..hehe
Please visit her blog;

Why dog vs cat? They don't like each other? hehe Read this story here..

One fine evening.... Cat is looking for a place to catch a nap...


Hi, I'm Cat.. and I'd like to find a nice cozy high-up windy place for a nice long lazy cat nap...with maybe some dog barking jingles to hep me snooze....


Cat : Ooh... I think I've found the right spot! *grin*
Dog : Hey u filthy feline! Get outta my territory!!!

What happened to them? You guess who will win?:P


Cat : Shut-up dog.. we're neighbours... and I'm not even IN your territory...
Dog : Grrrrrrr.........


Cat : zzz... ZZZ... zzz...

After 20 minutes, he gives up..haha!


Dog : Sigh.... I failed as a dog.... (T_T)


Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

Hahaha.. I like the part "I failed as a dog" XD

somemore the doggie's give up face is so cute..

Ka Hoong Chai said...

Hi Selina, I want to send you a msg through the "Contact me" form but dunno why cant, so I contact you here.
Erm, can you please change my blog url from" to "" ? It's my new food blog domain..thanks you!!

Selina said...

Oh ok I will change it. Thank you for informing me about your blog :D

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