Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It’s a story of a dog who is convinced that his role as a super dog is reality. When he is ripped from his world of fantasy, and action by his own doing. His own obsession with his owner and keeping her protected from the green eyed man of the television show he works on completely absorbs his life. This takes him to the point of no return when he believes that she has been kidnapped, and he accidentally gets packaged and shipped to New York city in pursuit of his owner. When he and his friends are on the journey, he learns that he is as super as every other dog. His disbelief of his abilities being non existent fuels a lot of different emotional changes, and eventually comes to a reality of who he really is. This all culminates when he finds his owner, Penny until reunites with her in the action packed climax of the movie...
See this trailer below;


I went to the Mid Valley for watching 3D Bolt Movie..The 3D movie's price is RM 17 per adult, i think so. I used the glasses 3D to watch this movie! :D Sad, this 3D movie don't have subtitle.. if you want the subtitles, you can go to watch the movie Bolt, not 3D..

Bolt is the star of a TV show, though he doesn’t know it. The pooch has been raised from childhood to believe he’s a superhero so, it remind me that it like similar story “The Truman Show” movie. Bolt is unaware that hidden film crews follow him wherever he goes. In this movie, the animals to talk to each other, but humans hear only barking or meowing..

Pity a black cat named Mittens! She is funny because she forced to follow Bolt.. She always got lot accidents while they are on the journey to Hollywood..Why? Because Bolt believe that all cats are in with the brute who kidnapped his friend, Penny..

Bolt wants to learn more about what he faces the reality than TV show while they are on the journey..Finally, he realized that he should act like normal dog that Penny wants to pet after he saw the owner and dog play together as always..He learned the advices from Mittens and a hamster teaches Mittens about humanity at same time..Bolt make me remember my dog, Nikki...Nikki alike as Bolt? :P Answer: No? or yes? Hehe!

I think that it bring the meaningful message to everyone.. They should think the animals' feeling and want to treat them so very well before they will go to heaven..


Edward said...

Yeah, looks abit like Nikki, but Nikki looks bigger.
hehe, i love this show!

bllueapple said...

OOhhh~~~ I LOOOVVEEE NIKKI~~~ hehehe...

Ezequiel said...

totally different...Nikki is more furry.... =P

hika12i said...

hey.. i just watched it today :D in 3D too at pyramid, but there's an interruption for 3 times because half of the screen turned red -__-~ . Anyway i really love the hamster :D he's really cool n funny hahaha

just apple said...

i like the hamster in the movie..XD cute!

Selina said...

lol.. this movie is good~ u like hamster? why u not buy pet hamster?:D

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