Monday, November 3, 2008

Turn Your Name Into a Face

I never heard it like can make a name turn into a face?? I try to put a name 'Selina's Wing' into the Turn Your Name Into a Face website. Then, this avatar is a joker?? Haha..I also put different names, it can show different faces..sometimes, animal, non-human, human, and etc..They are all black pixel art on a random pale background color only.

You also want to know what they might look like if your name change into a face..? You better check it because it is make us funny and laugh when we tried to put the friends and family member's name!

Enjoy, ya! Visit the Turn Your Name Into a Face website.

[via Download Squad]

My sister said my avatar is ugly but, my sis's avatar is a evil guy!! Haha! Her avatar is worst than me..hehe :D

You also can tease your friends if you try to put a name into this website..*evil* ^ ^

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