GEO Challenges

Geo Challenge takes you on a tour around the world as you put your geography knowledge to the test! You and your friends can prove once and for all who knows the most countries, flags and cities of the world. Play now to get your own Geo Challenge ranking, collect trophies and compare high scores with friends and other players worldwide!

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If you have an account Facebook, you can add the application 'Geo Challenge' here.

You travel the world together with Geo's friendly tour guide and get to test your knowledge of countries, cities and flags in a collection of minigames. The game rewards speed as well as knowledge and accuracy and gives you a geography knowledge rating, such as you get the rank like Traveler, Graduate Geo, Bus Traveler,Geography Guru, Air Trafficker and etc..

It can help to increass your knowledge about the world map! :D My sis and I really enjoy this game, so we always think the questions about where the flag come from, or we seen its map is belong to which is country before..? It is very fun! For me, the flags game is easy but, the minigame- map countries not easy.. I never heard or see many countries..My mom told me that our world have 200+ countries!! :O So, it is not easy to gain more points!


My best friend, Eze already go to the top rank over me! He is very crazy! He always want 1st place la! -_- I think that he love this games. I hope that my sisters and I to will go to the top mountain than him! *devil* :P

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-__- you are badmouthing me... no la..i wanna challenge GEO Challenge because I never studied geography in school. i wanna master Geography la... and widen my knowledge in GEO
Selina Wing said…
:P Haha You are very free! You always go to top rank over me! it is not fair..So, I want to beat you in this GEO Challenge! *Devil* :D