Crazy Campus

Finally, you get the school holiday in December..Are you boring in your home? You don't have play station or PSP or PC? Don't worry, you can try this game 'Crazy Campus' It is not for studying, you just play to cheat your exam and play with the gangs; you interfere with various brotherhoods, gangs or unnamed geek groups! You can make friends on campus and take on hilarious challenges to get your diploma! Haha!

Features (may vary by handset):

* The only mobile game combining life simulation and totally nutty humor!
* A wild campus adventure just like the funniest American teen movies!
* Visit the enormous campus and have tons of encounters with all of its students!
* Join 6 different groups: Frats, Nerds, Hippies, Sororities, Goths, and Hip-hop thugs.
* A game for both girls (life simulation) and guys (humor and crazy missions!)
* Tons of options let you control and customize your character.

I think that this is more like a simulation game in the line of EA Sims. When I am playing this game, I will play my character who lazy and not focus on the studies in the campus. I need to find a gang can help me to pass the exam..Wow, their jokes are very funny. They also are weird! Haha! You need to find money to survive or pay to a person who help you to pass in your exam.

Continue to next mission, it make me shocked because there are getting the gays and lesbian in the campus. This game allow you enjoy to date and sex with any guys or girls no matter who are you.. I thought that it is fun to make friend and join the gangs since I bought this game..Haha. I just know why they gave a name 'Crazy Campus'..So, the characters in the game are very crazy and enjoy to do the weird things! Haha! :P


It is suitable for the teenagers and adults only. It is very easy to complete this game. I has one way which help you to get fast money; getting a job tutor and be waiter on same day - twice only. If you wan do more job, can but it will make your character will suffer..

If you like to play this game, you can find the magazine ASTRO, Gempak, Kreko and etc..This price is RM 8 only.

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