Domino Pizza Online

My younger sister and I felt hungry when we are alone in our home! So, we planned to order the Pizza from the internet! :D But, Pizza Hut or Domino Pizza which one is better? She told me that why we not try Domino Pizza? Because long time we don't eat it.. Ok, we went to check the website Domino Pizza


I see this website is simple but easy to order the pizza online. If you are new user, you can register your form in the Online Order. We ordered the regular pizza; Tune Temptation and Spicy sausage with the CinnaStix & Icing. After I submit, we will get an email confirmation from Domino Pizza Online. Finally, the Domino pizza delivered to my house after 25 minutes! :O

It is very fast and cheaper! :D We enjoy to eat pizza..and drink the Sprite! See the picture below;



As you can see clearly in the photo above, there is a thick layer of creamy cheese dripping out of the classic and wafer thin crust. The pizza tasted extremely yummy! And the CinnaStix & Icing - it is very delicious. I can taste it like a bread with sugar and milk!! You better to choose "CinnaStix & icing" when you order.. We loved it very much!!! Next time, we will order again if we want! :D

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Anonymous said…
Too bad that my home town Sungai Petani don't have Domino Pizza. :(
Selina Wing said…
yes, not many Domino Pizza in the different states. :
Anonymous said…
Be careful. It can get us FAT.