Diner Dash


Diner Dash is a beautiful game with enhanced graphics and vivid colors. You'll have much fun playing this challenging game and watching its adorable animations. The game's sounds are rather primitive though suit the overall action. The game play is very simple and at the same time it keeps you playing for long time and challenges much. But don't be too relax the level of difficulty increases with each level.

There are five Diner Dash games;

1. Diner Dash
2. Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue
3. Diner Dash 3: Flo on the Go
4. Diner Dash 4: Hometown Hero
5. Diner Dash 5: Seasonal Snack Pack

You will play in the challenging and addicting game growing a restaurant of your dream from a two-table diner. Be ready to fulfill a great amount of tasks in the restaurant, such as: taking customers' orders, serving the ordered food, clearing tables and many other things. Leaving all the customers satisfied is the main key to success in this exciting game. You may try to build you Restaurant Empire either in Career or Endless mode. You can choose any clothes you like so, it can dress up a character 'Flo'.




This is my youngest sister's favourite games! She always completed all games so fast! I think that it is very easy about Diner Dash 1, but more new games are hard for us because we need to fast when we want to complete all tasks. It make me confuse more because lot of customers don't patient and wan eat again again..It is not easy! But, it is enjoyable games. ;)

You will face the ultimate challenge if you continue to play in Diner Dash games! For example, you will work through increasingly hectic shifts you must maximize your tips. You must be quick when you are busy to serve the customers. You try to place your customers in matching seat colors and discover the quickest path that will earn Flo the most money.

  • Get customers to their tables! The quicker they're seated, the higher your tip.
  • Take orders and deliver food before hunger drives them elsewhere.
  • Drop off the bill and clear away the plates so you can seat new customers.
  • Save your tips for decorations, improvements, and even new restaurants!
  • Seat your customers speedily, keep them happily fed, and the tips and profits will start rolling in. With each new
  • Shift your money will buy improvements for your restaurant, which will lead to happier customers.
How I get FREE games ; Diner Dash?
I always download any games from You need the software to install in your PC. You can try BitComet software.

*If you don't know how to download this games, you can leave this comment ;) I will try to help you.

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