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Marzuki Ong, Md Sazali, Aqlam, Md Firdaus, Lim Anuar. Below (Right - left) - Selina Ooi, Irvine, Peter Tian, Ruey Jiuan, Amir Hamidi.

Pengaruh blog Pekak Malaysia

Pada tinjauan penulis terdapat sepuluh orang penulis Pekak Malaysia yang aktif dalam penulisan blog sepanjang tahun ini dan tahun lepas. Mereka ialah seperti yang berikut.

Kebanyakan blog mereka lebih menjurus kepada perbincangan yang merupakan pendapat peribadi mengenai perjalanan mereka di sekeliling komuniti Pekak, teknologi terkini bagi kegunaan warga Pekak, ulasan terhadap penjelajahan destinasi pelancongan, kemahiran kesenian Pekak, kisah kejayaan warga Pekak, kemajuan program persatuan Pekak dan siaran semula artikel berita yang menyentuh nama komuniti Pekak.

via Amir's website

Wow! Amir Hamid wrote his article titled 'Blog Pekak di Malaysia'. He collected the information from the deaf bloggers since he was looking for who's deaf blogger in the internet. He wrote about the old forum; 'D-Forum Bravenet' dan 'Forum E-Pekak', so we aware of what deaf people's opinions in the forum. As I know, Forum E-Pekak is very popular in deaf community, but there is also too much talking nonsense and kopitiam empty talk. They should be discussing real events/happenings related to real life and jobs, such as deaf design, deaf IT, jobs, deaf interests/hobbies and etc. What you think about why deaf politics happened? Maybe deaf people want to know about the actual politics situation in our counrty?

I am really sad when I saw the deaf members always give negative opinion each other. Sometimes the messages have to be deleted, meaning they are scared it will cause disharmony in deaf community and will get influence others with their negative views. And young deaf generation are not interested to share experience or lazy to socialize with other deaf in forum? Their reasons are no time to use the internet? I really hope that deaf members will give their voice to support deaf community and help each other, not 'cakap lawan-lawan' :D.

Let's hope that all deaf can help each other to build deaf commuity together in the future..

Hmm, I wonder why Amir don't put my main blog; in his article. My blog was cyberspoted in the MalayMail on 15 Sept 2008; Check this. I agree with what Amir said about Harapan Warga Pekak Malaysia dan Bicara Sazali are popular in deaf community. But, it not enough get the visitors, compared with my blog 'Selina's wing' in Google pageRank. ;) I hope that their blog will give good information about deaf community.

Good Luck, deaf bloggers! :D


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