What makes a city, your city "Deaf-Friendly"?

I visited the Challenges Online's blog. This is very interesting topic - Deaf Friendly City!

DEAF411, Inc. is doing a online survey at to gather data on how ‘Deaf-friendly’ American cities are.

We are collecting more information about your city and would like to learn more about the city you live in, and develop information on what is needed before the city can be considered "Deaf-Friendly".

We encourage you to see the video and take the survey. Share our experiences & thoughts as Deaf411 will do a “Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S.” report in about 6 months and will make it available to anyone at no cost!

Take their survey -

If we were to assess our cities here in Malaysia and Asia, what are the criteria you would use to measure how Deaf-friendly your city or neighbourhood is? - Challenges Online blog

So, we take a moment to think how if we make the city become deaf-friendly in Malaysia? Try to imagine as deaf people move in new city..

- Deaf schools and university. Like, Gallaudet University in USA?
- Deaf people can open their business, such as deaf shops, deaf restaurant, bookshop and etc
- Companies also can have deaf and hearing staffs. They can offered the sign language classes for the hearing staffs if they want to work in Deaf city.
- The deaf services & tourism used for the public? For example, if hearing people come to visit the Deaf city, they can assist them?
- The public telephones provide the video interpreter at anywhere..
- The Banks which can give the deaf-friendly customer services?
- Hospitals and clinics also need the sign language interpreters to assist them to communicate with deaf people?
- The interpreter's schools also can open to all hearing people who interested in the sign language?
- Deaf community can make deaf featival and activites, such as Deaf SUKMA sports, Deaf Art Festival, Deaf Chinese, Malay, Indian, Deaf Culture and etc. They can get holiday, like hearing world? :P
- What about the deaf police station? if the crime happen in the Deaf city..How? Haha, no idea..

What are you thinking about the city become deaf-friendly? Share your opinion and experience when you live in your city! :D

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