Anime Paper

Since I am looking the anime wallpaper, I found an interesting anime website "AnimePaper". Before I visit in, I thought that it is scan papers about Anime.. So, I try to check it..WOW!! It is very great because many wallpapers, scan papers, anime ads, and etc..

AnimePaper can collect lot of wallpapers designed by many artists from japan, include many countries! It also can collect the scan anime from the magazines or posters.. Many members who can like to blog/ discuss forum in animepaper or can download their favourite of anime wallpaper..

But, you must register there. It can allow you can download how many wallpapers as you like after you register...If you are designer, you can upload your works - design wallpapers. :D You also get a blog from it.. You also can share your interest with other members.

Please visit AnimePaper ;

So, lot of anime fanz really love! :D

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