Pantai Seafoods Restaurant @ Mum's birthday

Happy Birthday, Mum~! Mum! My sisters and I decided to celebrate our mum's birthday at the Pantai Seafood Restaurant because it is very famous restaurant; Pantai Seafood, which is owned by Unique Seafood, is situated deep in the SS23 area.. My eldest sis told me that lot of foreigners, business people and older couples always come to this restaurant.. I am not familiar with Petaling Jaya area. That is why I don't notice that my company also near the Damansara Village so, we discovered this Pantai Seafood Restaurant all the way inside a light industrial and wooden housing area! o_O



The restaurant is rustic but comfortable, with mostly wooden surfaces and simple decorations... You have a few choices of seating areas: the upper deck and lower deck (air conditioned) or the main indoor and outdoor area (open air). Well, we chose the seating area (inside-open air) because the seating rooms which have air conditioned - already be FULL! While we are waiting for our food, we check out the many live fishes and other sea creatures in their tanks..


scoltand clam

Wow! What is it?? Like white snake? :P I never see the sea creature named "Canada Geoduck". I know about Scotland Clam because we eaten it before. :D

africa abalone

Great! First time, I see the abalones still be alive! I think that it imported from Africa? I am not sure..hehe Africa Abalones! It is very expensive! Not easy to get it..

australia lobster

Wow! There are really big Lobsters!! You want to try it? :D I remembered that we used to eat the small Lobsters in Penang only.


You eat this oyster before? It is bigger than the normal oyster which I seen in Penang! Its RM 7.50 each.

soon hock

I wonder what type of Fish is this. Looks like it have different of skin..Maybe it is electronic fish? haha!

Before we started to eat, I snapped the pictures of our dishes;

butter crab

steamed crab

As for Crabs, we ordered 2kgs of Crabs which was cooked in 2 different varieties - Claypot Butter Crab and Steamed Crab. The Claypot Butter crab is better because it is different taste of butter, so it is not as thick.. My mom really like the Steamed Crab because this variety was a bit too rich and it is good for the health..She told me that it simply steam the crabs with a dash of chinese cooking wine.


This is Bamboo Clam dish! It is named "Scotland Clam" but the local people called "Bamboo clam"..why? Because they always thought it alike the bamboo! :D It is very delicious! If you come to this restaurant, you must eat this! It is very expensive.. We really like it~

This is my first time to eat in the Pantai Seafood Restaurant. ;) It is very good! You better try to taste this seafood~

Note: The restaurant became super packed around 7.30pm..because there will be lot of people come around 8pm! so please book ahead of time to be safe or make sure you arrive early.

Pantai Seafood Restaurant
Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka PJU 6A
Kg Sg Kayu Ara
Petaling Jaya
Tel No: 03-7725 5099/1099

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