Happy Mooncake Festival!!

I like this picture 'Happy Mooncake Festival'! It is very funny! Pity white rabbit..Miao (orange cat) want to hunt it..If you want to see more comic about Miao~, you can visit his blog;

My sisters and I enjoyed to eat the mooncakes.. hehe My name is 'Selina' so, it means that 'Moon' I can become 'Priestess Moon'? :D

Why we celebrate 'Happy Mooncake Festival'?

Mid-Autumn Festival is About Family. It is a holiday to celebrate togetherness of the family. You may be surprised if I tell you this festival has been celebrated for more than 3000 years in China.

By its name, it is in the middle of Autumn, and by date, it is exactly the 15th day of the 8th month in Lunar Calendar. I would say the Lunar Calendar is a miracle that in the last one thousand years after Lunar Calendar was established, it always preciously describe the movement of moon. 15th of the month is always full moon, and at Mid-Autumn Festival, if you look up into the sky, you can always see (if the sky is clear) a full and bright round moon.

To eat Moon Cake (which is always round), and to observe the round moon is the tradition in China. Round means togetherness in Chinese culture!

I still remember the story of the moon fairy living in a crystal palace, who comes out to dance on the moon's shadowed surface. A rabbit stay with her also. The legend surrounding the "lady living in the moon" dates back to ancient times..When ten suns appeared at once in the sky, The Emperor ordered a famous archer to shoot down the nine extra suns. Once the task was accomplished, Goddess of Western Heaven rewarded the archer with a pill that would make him immortal. However, his wife found the pill, took it, and was banished to the moon as a result. Legend says that her beauty is greatest on the day of the Moon festival. So,you will see the images of Chang-O (Moon Fairy) on every mooncake box, and every Moon Cake Festival poster. :D

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