Yahoo! released Free and!


Are you boring with - one account only? If your email are very full, you really need more accounts Yahoo! for yourself? Don't worry, Yahoo! released 2 new domains - “” or “” on last June! You have more chance to get the name that you always wanted.. I’m sure that you prefer the, so you better do it quick! What is about It was one of the very first free Webmail services Yahoo! acquired it in 1997.

Now, Yahoo! now have 3 mailbox -, and You can choose which is one of domain that you like when you want to register new account email... :)

After I registered new account:, I take a look at this account email Yahoo! It looks as same interface and experience – like unlimited storage, integrated instant messaging, free text messaging, and everything..If you have your before, you need to transfer old email to new? Good news for you! Yahoo! Mail provided a tool that automatically moves everything from your old email address to your new ymail, or rocketmail! Just take a look at this yahoo! video

Go to the website "Transfer @Yahoo! Mail"

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