Google Adsense Ads Below Post Titles Not Allowed

As the blogger, I just received an email from I like to thank him for informed me about the Adsense Ads. By refering to QuickOnlineTip, we put Google AdSense ads above blog content (below post title) for better performance of blog. But Google AdSense team does not quite agree with the ads placement.

It also noted that Google Adsense program policies, clearly say that Publishers participating in the AdSense program -
  • May not encourage users to click the Google ads by using phrases such as “click the ads,” “support us,” “visit these links,” or other similar language
  • May not place misleading labels above Google ad units - for instance, ads may be labeled “Sponsored Links” but not “Favorite Sites”

In fact, Google Adsense Blog published 2 guidelines earlier and one of them is “ads shouldn’t be placed under a title or section heading in a way that implies that the ads are not ads.

Why it is happened? According to, QuickOnlineTips received an email from Google AdSense support pointing out the issue on their site.

When I visited the, I noticed that LiewCF decided to put the 'advertisement' word above the AdSense ads. Before I changed it, I put 'Google Ads' above adsense ads in my blog. It is not attractive? But, Adsense ads already have 'ads by Google'. Haha.. So, I think that it is better to follow what are they saying, then I tried to put the 'Advertisements' in my blog. After few days, I don't get an email from so, it is fine.


Will Google ban your adsense account? Don't worry about this. When the Adsense team identifies a problem in Adsense placement on your site, they will send an email explaining the issue and give you a few days time to fix it. It is best to respond quickly and politely and fix the issue promptly. The Adsense team is very helpful, but you have to comply with their terms.

For AdSense publishers, you better to make the required changes before its too late!

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