Bad Luck - My home robbed on 17 August!

Since holiday school started, many people went to their hometown..My mum and grandma planned that my family must back to Penang on last Sunday, 17th August. But, my sisters and I don't want go with them..:P My sisters and I said goodbye and gave our hug to my mum and grandma because they want to leave their house in the morning.. After that, my eldest sister went out with her boyfriend around 11am for visiting her boyfriend's grandpa at his house..Finally, my youngest sister and I be last person who stayed in my house..

I also checked if everything is okay or not in my house before we went to my dad's house around 3pm. So, we finally leave my house..Until we reached at my dad's house, I feel very tired because I already sick fever and got flu.. :( I took my nap in my room..ZzzZ After two hours ago, my youngest sis rushed to wake up me then she told me that our house got robbed!! I really shocked!! :O
My eldest sister already make police report and check if anything is stolen or not..So, we are lucky because my neighbor saw the thief are inside in my house!

What my neighbors told us;

It was happening around 4.30pm..Two guys - professional thief that entered my house after they cut the padlock at the door! They started to check something inside..My dog; Nikki already sick, but he is clever because he hides himself and waited until the neighbor back..When my neighbor reached there, Nikki went out to them and barked so quickly.. My neighbors wondered why Nikki still barked at them..then they shocked to see the thiefs inside my house! The robbers escaped to their car so quickly when they felt anxious and saw Nikki and neighbors come to my house..

Luckily, we don't lose anything, but we must be careful! We discussed about how to prevent the thief come inside my house..We want to make sure that it won't happen again.
  • If your house broken by the robbers, you MUST not touch anything and just leave all messy things..Because the police will investigate this case.
  • If the strangers always walk around your house, you MUST inform your neighbors, security guards, and relatives. It make you all more be careful and keep an eye on your home.
  • When you reach and found out that the robbers already inside your house, you must make a call to police and find your neighbors.
  • Before you away from your home, you MUST make sure all windows and doors are locked.
  • You MUST leave the light is 'on' in your home because the light is one of the biggest deterrents of home robberies at night. Motion sensor lights work well, and the brighter the better.
  • Don't leave the important things at your home. For example, passport, money, and laptop. You better to keep it with you when you want go out. Or you must hide all things in the hidden place which the robber won't find it.
  • When you and your family want go to the hometown, you MUST let your neighbors know this so they can help to keep an eye on your home.
If you have any step to prevent the robber from home, please comment here. Do you have same experience about this?

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Moopenk said…
Try Use CCTV Camera...its can make your home safety and helpful for Police to Identified the Robber