Your Blood Type - Part 1

Well, I am blood B. And I always have such thoughts:

Let everyone arrive first then only I go, so I don’t have to wait for anyone.


But in the end, I am really lazy person! Haha!

My best friend always ask my friends, "where is Selina?". And she smsed me if I already reach or not..I reply to her that I will be late there..She said "What?! Come out quickly!! If not, we will miss it because you!" This is like this funny comic haha!

So, what is your blood? You should know what is about the different of personalty person have blood - A, AB, B, O :P


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Edward said…
Im the A type guy. :D
Selina Wing said…
Haha! I will put the funny comic -part 2 :D Be patient