Grey's Anatomy The Mobile Game

Are you watching 'Grey's Anatomy' TV show? It is very popular in US only.. I remembered that I watched the TV3 before since I studied in MMU..But, it is sad about Astro AXN never put 'Grey's Anatomy' in the channel 701. Why? Maybe other channel already get it before AXN? Finally, Gameloft already released new mobile game for the hit TV Show Grey’s Anatomy on last April..I think that this game is very amazing because when you will play a role character as 'Meredith'... and can meet the Grey’s Anatomy Interns in the hospital.. You can learn how about doing surgery, improve skills and snapping at Dr.Baily! You can jump from intern to 'real doctor'! So, pretty much soon you’ll operate on your patients from your mobile phone! :)

For me, this story is ok only, but I enjoyed to do the surgery and interact my patients in the hospital! It is not easy to do the surgery 'brain' and 'heart'. It really be fun! My sisters also like it!

If you are a fan of TV show; Grey's Anatomy, then you can try to play this game!

Grey's Anatomy The Mobile Game (Gameloft)

  • Play Meredith Grey and meet many other characters from the TV show.
  • A lively hospital setting with constant drama: patients get admitted, doctors operate, etc.
  • Interact with all hospital staff as you freely explore Seattle Grace Hospital.
  • Improve your stats to succeed in various adventures until you officially become a real doctor!
  • Infinite skill-based, surgery mini-games: cut with the scalpel, suture wounds, use the laser...
  • Take on side objectives to simplify your daily missions: Acquire sneakers to run faster, etc.
Gameloft's quote:
Featuring rendered environments that faithfully replicate the set of the show, Grey’s Anatomy: The Mobile Game will allow players to live through the series’ most intense moments and see them through the eyes of the characters. Play as Meredith and meet Izzie, George, Cristina or Alex and experience their storylines in an adventure especially created for you to enjoy in the palm of your hand.

I brought this game cost RM 8.00 from the magazine of KREKO.. You can find the mobile games in the magazines, such as Astro, Kreko, Gempak, and many..

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