Workshop on employment for the Deaf

I went to the workshop on employement for Deaf at MBPJ, 9am - 5pm. My best friends cannot come, I helped them to collect some information for the success of job interview. After that, I will ask my best friends to 'belanja' me to eat delicious foods if they want to know what it is about~ :P OK. I am kidding :D I also want to help teach them only ;)

Why I come to this workshop? My reason were gaining more knowledge, improve my interview skills and do research on the deaf participants if what they like to want for their future job when they graduated? The workshop on employement for Deaf was organised by Challenges. This aim workshop is to teach you essential CV & Interview skills. It will help you gain the edge in an increasingly competitive job market.

The deaf participants discussed proper interview attire, how to prepare for an interview, difficult questions that might be encountered, as well as answering questions they had. They have to understand what is an important about the interview skills. They like to learn more about how to prepare themselves for their interview...Many essential interview tips and techniques can help them to handle what/how they do when they are in the interview room~!

I really like the presentation 'interview skills' by Mr.Mehan. It can help to make the deaf participant understand who are yourself? what you do today? what you want for your own future? It make they have to understand what it is meaning in the pictures when they see the picture provided by Mr. Mehan. He asked us about what is our key of strengthen? what they have different of type talents - idea related talents? data related talents? etc.. It make me remembered that what I love to read about the principle philosophy of life - the idea show the individual human beings have to choose what choice they have now - how they are to live? , what is an important thing that they want to seek in their life? and what actions they want to do for tomorrow?

It is important to keep positive thinking and you better to believe in yourself if you can do~ You must to show how smart you are, and what they can do with your job. :) Don't give up so easily!

You can check my interview tips from Deaf Boleh! Malaysia blog because I already got lot of experiences when I was interviewed by IBM Co., Adrenaline IS.Co., Ozuna Co., MSC, B. Bangsar and many.. I think that maybe I get 6 interviews already.. I forget..haha More important, you must to pass your interview job if you like to work.. I really like IBM but.. sad, I cannot to get work in IBM because there are getting 1st interview + test exam and 2rd interview in IBM Company..That is why it is more harder for me. @_@

I hope you all can pass your interview to get the success job~!

Good Luck! :D

*I heard that new workshop will coming in August or December. You really like it? Don't worry, Challenges will inform us soon!

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