Who Has The Biggest Brain? Facebook

Think you are smart? Play this highly addictive brain training game to prove it! Ever wondered Who Has The Biggest Brain amongst your friends? Play and invite your friends to find out!

Who Has The Biggest Brain?
is a quiz show game developed by social game company Playfish. For a Facebook application, the game is remarkably well-polished. If you want to play this game in Facebook, you have to update the version of Flash to allow for the game to play. I really enjoyed to play this game!

This game are cute style, animation, graphics, and sound of music.. It is not bad. ;) They throw a few fun little brain tests at you, such as math or memory… You’re given a time limit so you must answer the questions as quickly as possible!

I think that it looks as IQ test, but there are series of four types of tests.. They are tough and they change enough so that you can’t simply memorize all so quickly! It is harder for me.. @_@ I really sad because my simple math problems still be not good! I need to solve math problem in short time..That is why it make me confused.. I really hate the memory test, especially cartoons of sushi. But the numbers games often depict floating meteors is very easier!

After you finish the tests, you’re given your “brain size” and your level will be compared to your friends. Hmm, I still be at the rank 7 "Genius Science"..Haha it is cute characters.. :P I will play more again :D

It’s challenging and addictive, well-animated and fun, and something that lends itself to competitive playing in the Facebook. You can invite more friends to see how they rank. You can also see how you rank in the world on a weekly and monthly level. You can discuss the game in the forums.

In short, this game delivers a fun IQ test that becomes easier through practice, if you really want to beat your friends in
your Facebook! It is fun~ I need to improve my math skills. Enjoy to play, ya! :)

Get the application "Who Has The Biggest Brain?"

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