My Google Ads PIN

First time, my Google Adsense PIN has finally arrived last Wednesday (11th June 2008). See, that’s the disadvantage to be staying far from United States. The simple mail takes at least 3 weeks to arrive at my house... If you are wondering what Google Adsense PIN (Personal Identification Number) is, this is a PIN generated uniquely for you to unlock yourself to future adsense check payments. :)

My friends asked me that why they cannot set the payment method in adsense. You need to wait until earn more than $ 10 then, you can set the payment method and requests new PIN.

If you still not receive it after 3 weeks so, PIN is sent once after you make more than $50 in your Google Adsense Account!
I started using the Google Adsense ads in my blog, 4th April 2006..I thought that my earning google is very low and I never login in as always..until I am graduated MMU in August 2007. I back to my blogger, then..I am shocked that my earning google already increasing!! :O I think that the visitors like my blogs already? You need to be careful when you make your account methods. Don't get a mistake to spell the addreass home. I make my mistake because I don't check my addreass so carefully... :P

Hopefully soon I will be getting my first check from google! I heard this check will take a month? I not sure. I will see how it is.. :)

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E-e-E-leya said…
hi selina..hehe..i luv pink very much...ofcoz u can add my blog to u...i also want to add ur's very interesting...btw...teach me how to add the google adsense coz i don't get any approval tension