Marche Movenpick Restaurant in Curve

Marche Movenpick Restaurant
Lot G87, Ground Floor,
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya

With over 50 outlets worldwide, Marche, headquartered in Switzerland, has earned rave reviews with its simple recipe of fresh produce, quality ingredients, popular dishes and colourful atmosphere. Pronounced (mar-shay), meaning market in French,
is a creative, colorful and innovative restaurant concept developed by the Swiss-based Movenpick Group..It’s based not on a market that reeks of raw meat and blood but a bustling European market alive with colour and flavour.

Why a cow suddnelly become red swiss? I remembered that a cow's skin color are white, black and green only since this restaurant started to open in the Curve..I don't care..For me, it is funny cow..:D

When I entered in the restaurant, I was given an order card from the waitress 'Marche'..I wondered about what is it..My eldest sis said, "You must hold the order card and see what you want to order..Then you give a order card to them..They will cop it on the order card!" So, it mean you get a cute mark 'name shop' which u ordered before..But, more important is you must not lose the order card"

I walked around the “market stands” at the Curve’s Marche Movenpick, soaking in the sights of newly picked fruits and vegetables, seafood that looks like it came straight from the sea and freshly baked pastries. Each stall packs a mountain of fresh produce, ready to be chopped, diced, fried, steamed, boiled and baked the minute you put in your order...

Likewise, fruits stay whole until you order your glass of pure, unadulterated juice, no water added. It’s hard to choose. Everything looks so fresh and inviting, from the sweet, milky, Australian carrots to the ripe red watermelons, crunchy apples, and tangy oranges waiting to be juiced. And just like in a marketplace, you don’t just drink the juice, you can purchase the fruits as well. And the Swiss Mocha Coffee also imported from Swiss. It is very good taste of coffee!

When you go to the Marche, you must buy the root beer named
Bundaberg because it is really popular! Bundaberg, synonymous with good Australian beer, also produces fabulous ginger beer and root beer. Many people like to drink the root beer.. Maybe, It is cost around RM 6.. I forget how much price..sorry :( And my main course ; grilled chicken with soup mushroom and ginger chill - maybe price around RM 20.. But, I think it is delicious..

the prices are RM10-RM20 for appetisers, RM20-RM40 for main courses, RM6.50 for fruit juices and RM5.50-RM8.50 for dessert. And this place is getting the Wifi internet, so you can surf internet while you are eating~ I think that you can used the CIMB credit card to pay your bill because they can give 10% discount to you~ :D

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