Langkawi Cable Car

Located in Langkawi, Malaysia, the "Sky Bridge" is a "cable-stayed bridge" supported by only one support column as it wraps its way around a mountain a whopping 2,250 feet above sea level..Starting from about sea level, the Cable Car rises from about sea level to an altitude of over 700 metres. Along the near vertical lift, tourists are presented with the towering cliff face named 'Matahari Face'..

Visit the official website "Langkawi Online"

When you visit the Langkawi with your friends, I suggest that you better to rent a car at the reception of your hotel. A car rental will cost you about RM 80 per day.. Because the taxi fees is expensive if you want go to anywhere..My family and I heard that the best place is Langkawi Cable Car that you can visit! We just took 40 minutes drive from Kuah town to 'Langkawi Cable Car'... We were buying the tickets - RM 25 per person (adult).. Before you all go there, you better to call them if langkawi cable car station is open or not, because due to the bad weather...

I think that the cable car took us go to the top of station in 10 mins.

Wow.. We reached at the top of twins station which have the altitude, 710 meters! Then, we go to the sky bridge~ :D I took the beautiful photos..

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