Hell's Kitchen

Do you know about Hell's Kitchen? It is is an American reality-television cooking competition in US! It is really popular~ I am watching Hell's Kitchen in the ASTRO. The chefs are very busy and stress while they are in HELL competition! Many customers can angry.. and cannot be wait so long! @_@

Finally, Hell's Kitchen game be come out already ! For those gamers wishing to play some of Ramsay's dishes in their own real-life Hell's Kitchens, the game will also feature a book of some of his favorite recipes! :D

The game features a computerized version of the famed, potty-mouthed chef shouting at you as you struggle cook dishes and serve them to an restaurant full of impatient diners. The game will also have some of Ramsay's favorite recipes, which can be printed out (presumably only in the PC version). Wow, This game is cool and have 3D restaurant! :O You also need to be fast when you are cooking and deliver the dishes to your customers at same time! It will make you very busy and confuse.. Please visit the official website game 'Hell's Kitchen'

For more information ;'s_Kitchen_(U.S.)

How to play FREE Hell's Kitchen Game:

1. You need BitComet* software.. you will install from

2. You download this game from mininova
After download it with used BitComet, you can install the setup then enjoy playing Hell's Kitchen~!

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