Avira Antivirus - Best Antvirus Software To Be Install in Your Home Or Office PC!

This is a short tip how to make Avira Antivirus work better for your computer.

Avira Personal Edition

AVIRA is a consistent leader in independent antivirus tests. Avira's Personal Edition Premium is a low-impact, easy to use virus scanner that also includes rootkit detection and phishing protection. Five euros of each purchase is automatically donated to the Auerbach Foundation, a non-profit that supports various charity and community-related services. AVIRA Personal Edition Premium should be used in conjunction with a firewall.

Avira is top 9 windows antivirus for the computer! :O Now, my computer used new antivirus, Avira because it is very good to scan the worms, viruses, and Trojans into the computer.. Last time, I used AVG antivirus to scan but, it don't detect any worm and Trojans and always get update connection only.. Until my colleagues told me to try Avira, it detected the worms and Trojans from my computer! :O Wow, it worked for me, just try it out, it might also work for you!

Why you should install the Antivirus software in your computer? Please click this link for more information.

Before you install new antivirus, you better to remove your previous antivirus, eg. AVG or Norton antivirus from your computer. If not, your computer will become slower when both antivirus are scanned at same time.. That is why you better to use one Antivirus software at your computer, this be enough only. Make you sure have to install AVIRA antivirus and do the update. Make sure you have a full install. By the way, this software is free and it works good.

Download free installer from

*You better to get full update from
Avira Antivirus 2017 when you online in internet on everytime. This should be work if it can help you to detect new type of worms or trojans in your computer! You can scan your pc twice in a month..Don't worry, it is fast to scan, so it is ok.

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Test said…
I've been happy with ClamWin Free Open Source antivirus. Originally for linux, adapted for Windows, it has a low footprint.

Unfortunately, I am not a good gauge of relative effectiveness, because I avoid "Internet Exploder", and don't indulge in risky behaviors. I mostly fix other people's messes.
Selina Wing said…
oh, i see.. ok, thank you for this information. I don't like "Internet Exploder"..I always used mozilla firefox because it is better and can block the pop-ads.;)
Anonymous said…
Thanks..its free right?

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