2 AdSense Mistake By Beginners

Now I will tell you 2 main of mistake that the beginner always do. Most important, you don't doing mistake with Google AdSense..if not, Google Adsense will BAN you forever! You cannot use google account with your same name and address if they already ban you~! How you can make your own mistake? You should be careful with ;

1) Click your own ads adsense
This is the BIG mistake in the world of adsense if u do it. Wha ever you do don’t click your own ads adsense because you will be ban by Google! Remember, you don't always click on the adssense. Google can track you with your IP address at same place.. *If you accidentally click an ad on your website (It will happen) you must quickly send an email off to to tell them about the accidental click. You make sure your adsense account not be ban by them..

2) Telling your friends and family about your blog
I know you all want more visitors but don’t tell your friend that at same area with you. I mean your parents, your siblings, your best friends and etc. This is because your friends and family will visit your blog. So, you sure to get one of them clicking ads on your site at random. If they do it enough, you’ll get slapped by Google for invalid clicks, even though you’re not the one at fault. Be very careful of relatives who bring their laptops to your house and use your wireless router for their surfing: any clicks they make will appear to be coming from your computer, so if they click ads on your blog, you can get in trouble... Yes, this happened to me before. :(

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Anonymous said…
In a way I have to agree to your 2nd point. I once, had a friend who came telling me:

You should be thankful, cos I help you click your ad.

I end up submitting a report to Google reporting the click :-)
Selina Wing said…
Yeah.. it was happened to me too. My friend always click on my ads.. -_- I told him that don't click on my ads again..and I submitted a report to Google..