Yahoo! Mommy is best!!

11 May 2008 is Happy Mother Day!

My youngest sister and I decided to choose Sakae Sushi Restaurant in the Sunway Pyramid because we want mummy enjoy eating the best Japanese's sushi in her life! :D My mum said the sakae sushi are very delicious! :D Haha..It is very expensive but , i don't mind at all because we just want our mom be most happiness person in our life! :D

"Thank you for everything you do for us"- Mellisa ( she is very busy in Langkawi..T_T)

"My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw.. In our memory, she was gentle and brave and always be with us when she is grew up to be older..I still feel that her hands become tough already but, my sisters and I still give a love and hug with my mother on every time. My eldest sister and mum are the best friend..every time they always chat each other. My youngster sister also have my mum's love, support and advice..When I born as deaf, she always guided me to continue my life as normal on every time..She always teach me to keep my positive thinking and lead me to choice my success path..She always give the important things she had - love and happiness to my sisters and me. So, we attribute all of success in life to the moral, intellectual and great education we received from my mother. My mother is a my warmest of heart in my life!" - Selina

"My mummy has a heart of gold..she loves us with all her heart and be there for us when we need her.. she is our pillar of strength.. she guides us along our paths and be there to support us.. she gives us the courage that we need when we are in a difficulties.. my mummy is the best mummy in the world!! thank you for all the things u do for us.. Mummy, i love u!!" - Jocelyn

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