The Soya Shop

The SOYA Shop specialises in providing fresh, healthy soy products to Malaysians. Our most popular products are prepared inhouse. Fresh soya milk and taufu-fa, or smooth beancurd commonly eaten as a snack or dessert, are produced at our premises in Pasarakyat, a Kuala Lumpur hypermarket. They can be bought off the shelf or enjoyed on the spot.

The SOYA Shop's taufu-fa is a particularly popular product because of its uniquely smooth yet firm texture and unbeatable freshness. It's no wonder customers keep coming back for more! Our other products include the finest non-genetically modified soya beans for customers who want homemade soya milk and edamame, or Japanese green soya bean. Edamame can be roasted or boiled and lightly salted to make a healthy yet delicious snack...

It is available in Hartamas Shoppig Complex, Summit USJ, Endah Parade, Low Yat Plaza , City Square Food Court, 1 Utama Shopping Centre and Pasarakyat.

My family and I went to the Summit USJ. Before our shopping, my mum took us go to the SOYA shop at the ground level.. She told me that it is very delicious so I try to eat soya with glutinous rice ball filled with different paste. There are red bean paste, lotus pastes, coconut paste and chocolate paste...See below;

I chose the lotus pastes with RM 3.50..It looks like white balls..It remind me about my family were doing some balls like 'tang yuen'.. :D First time, I eat lotus pastes w
ith soya. This price is RM 3.70 if you want to take away. :D I thought it is just sweet sugar water but no, it is the original soya milk! :D A soya-rich diet can reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol, lowering the chance of developing heart disease... :)

And my younger sister chose 'Red Bean' Pastes...

You can order the bread if you want eat one with this pastes :D They also prepared the taufu-fa, or smooth beancurd commonly eaten as a snack or dessert... ^ ^ You better to try this! It is cheap ;)

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