Sakae Sushi @ IOI Mall, Puchong

Sushi is Japanese food, made of vinegared rice with various toppings such as vegetables, mushrooms, meat and eggs. Sushi either eaten raw, cooked or marinated. Last time, I eat the Sushi King on many times.. I really love to eat the japanese foods and sushi! XD

Now Sakae Sushi is the most popular in Malaysia..and I must say the sakae sushi there is great! I like the logo of restaurant, cute 'green frog' lol. Why they choose this logo? Because the owner of Sakae Sushi give his great love to his wife...So, this ideal of logo - "who says kissing the frog can’t get you a piece of your fairytale dream!" - Read this story

One of the main attraction is the LCD screen,you can have fun browsing through the menu and place your order via the web based interactive menu. It is easy? For deaf, they have to write on pen and paper if they call the waitress, right? My youngest sister and I can check the menu as we want to order the sushi on many times.. After wait for 5 mins, a waiter will bring all sushi foods at our table! :D

This green tea bag is only RM1.00 and can be refilled anytime with the hot water tap installed beside the tables! It is easy. No need to call the waitress as always..

Many dishes which we ordered;

The bill came up to RM130.70 for the amount I paid for the dinner, it was a really great meal for my family! ^ ^ I really love Sakae Sushi.

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