Put an emotion (smile) in the blogger

Do you want to put the emotion in the blogger? Ok, I explain about how to put the script in the Edit HTML..:)

There are three steps about putting the icon smile in blogger..

When you login in the Blogger,

1. Click "Layout", choose 'Edit HTML', You can find the code; ]])(/b:skin) in the 'Edit Template';

2. If you found this code in EditTemplate already, you can put java script code.. Please copy and paste it below the code; ]])(/b:skin)..See this example below;


(script src=' ' type='text/javascript'/)

*Before save it, please change the code ( ) to < >

3. Don't forget to click 'Save Template', it is complete! You can check your blog :)

The icon smile will appear on each post message in your blogspot.. Thanks to!

Emition (smile) :

:) or :-)
:D or :-D
:$ or :-$
:( or :-(
:p or :-p
;) or ;-)
:k or :-k
:@ or :-@
:# or :-#
:x or :-x
:o or :-o

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Its a nice and great article... and btw, u r real blog freak! -_-
Mei-Wah said…
thank you for sharing this blogging tips! i have already implemented into my blog! it looked more lovely now!
Lee said…
Hi it's really a helpful guide. But i just wonder, do you have any guide for someone like me who do not have IT background to change the template? I wish to design my own template but i do not know anything about html or css