Final Fantasy Agito XIII

FINAL FANTASY Agito XIII arrives as an entirely separate entity for mobile phones, offering players easy on-the-go access to the FINAL FANTASY XIII universe. Utilizing gameplay functions only available through mobile phones, this title provides players with a unique take on a story accessible anywhere their real-life adventures may take them.

~Quoted from Square Enix's Main E3 Site~

A prequel to Final Fantasy XIII involving a young hero who must protect a sacred crystal from evil. The game is rendered in 3D and is exclusively for mobile phones.. Why they choose name 'Agito'?
Agito is Latin for "to put in motion," and although the reason for that name is still unclear..

This game is set in a magic school named Akademia, and will gradually expand to the larger world outside of the school. It is described as an online RPG, but not "massively multiplayer". I think that it more like Harry Potter Magic School.. There are the twelve characters who have different of weapon; longsword, a katana, handguns, a shotgun, a mace, a bow and arrow, a spear, a scythe, an extending flail, bare fists, a flute, and a deck of Tarot cards. First, you may choose from one of twelve characters to play throughout the will enter in a school and meet thefellow students , then must to protect a sacred crystal from your enemies.. It is interesting story? :P

I heard about Final Fantasy Agito XIII uses the mobile phone network that lets you select your party members via an ad hoc connection...This seems to indicate that you'll be able to link up with nearby players to form a party and play through the game cooperatively.. Maybe it used the wireless mobile phone? I not sure.. I hope that it will be nokia phones! Haha.. They not yet mention about what type of mobile phone need to use for this game and release dates.

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Huyooo yeah! But its release is still unconfirmed yet. Sure a long time to wait.... On that time, I will be much older to play...lolz

And also hopefully this game will be available in Malaysia....
Deaf258 said…
Is the game going to be available on Blackberries?
Selina Wing said…
I not sure..this news about mobile phones not yet to be announced..I heard that they won't be able to do the game on 3G generation phones, but it will use 4G phones..