Facebook Addict

My office got the PCs which connected to the Internet. Every little break time, all of us rush to the PC to get online, check mails and check facebook! :P When I am bored, I will play facebook! :P Since my colleagues asked me to try it, I don't know what is facebook..I thought that it is the social networking as Friendster.. But, the Facebook provided game community online, friends's poke and few applications, such as chatting with friends, giving a gift to friends, take care of a pet and etc! :O It is simple layout but it is an interesting site! :D It is fun! That is why Facebook has been really hit so hot!

I like the Fluff application! I think they are interesting. They keep you busy. They make you wanna earn a lot of points to buy mini pets, buy gifts, buy foods, buy decorations, gold stuffs, and habitats.. Their developer's idea was definitely fantastic because they were doing the interesting events and creating new pets which you never see! There are the Fluff shops selling the special items! :P I can say we are pretty addicted to this Fluff.

Now, I am earning at 15k and 10 golds. Crazy! Haha..But, my best friend is very crazy than me! He earn more 30K! @_@ He also trade items with me if we get the rare items and pet my is like game community online? :P

You will think differently once you try to play it. Facebook is successful!

If you don't have Facebook account, join in Facebook

(p/s: I think that my deaf friends like Friendster than Facebook in Malaysia..haha..Better to try the facebook)

Pet my panda and buy me a gift or food in Fluff! :D Join my fluff

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