Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ One Utama, Damansara Jaya

In Japanese history, a Shogun was the practical ruler of Japan for most of the time from 1192 to the Meiji Era beginning in 1868. Shogun is a high of military rank and historical title in Japan. The term Shogun means “General”, an officer... But, in 1 Utama shopping complex, Shogun refers to a Japanese buffet restaurant which is much talk about since it opened not too long ago....

My boss and colleagues planned to eat Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant at One Utama! I really happy and want to join them.

We hard to find the parking place in One Utama because it already FULL! :( So we decided to park at top of parking place at 'new wing'..When we reached there, not surprisingly there’s already quite a long queue of people trying to get a table in the restaurant. But we are lucky because my boss have already placed our reservations a few days before that… haha..

The restaurant is quite huge, and the environment is nice. Very cosy. By looking at the number of tables and diners occupying each one, I estimate that they can accomodate up to 300 diners at any given time.

Wow, our table have 21 seats! ECU and Paramount Co. joined us! @_@ It sure very expernsive.. hehe..We went to take some foods..we really hungry because my boss, kirk, micheal and me juz reach at 8.15pm, others already reach so early..

Anyway, let’s check out the nice Japanese food...See the different of Japanese foods that I never eat before! :P There are getting the seafoods of Japanese! You know the sushi that you eat so normally, but got different of mees, seafoods, meatS (not yet cooked), and etc!

Finally, our dessert were jelly, fruits and ice cream! :P They serve varieties of ice cream, including the usual vanila, chocolate, strawberry and pantan flavor. So, I try my green tea ice-cream but, I tasted like 'mini sugar-coco'..very cold..

We had a really good time at Shogun and would probably go there again next time! If you do decide to try this restaurant. Better to call and make reservations first..If not, you might end up waiting in the long queue for an hour or two, especially during dinner time! I think that the lunch time is better because this price is cheap than dinner time..

Contact details for your convenience:

Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant
Lot.S 335A, 2nd Floor Oval,
1-Utama Shopping Centre,
No. 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Business Hours: Lunch (12.00 noon - 3.30pm) and Dinner (6.30pm - 10.00pm)
Adults (Lunch): RM48.00
Adults (Dinner): RM55.00
Adults (Weekends and Public Holidays Lunch/Dinner): RM52.00
Children: Half price

Tel (Office): +603-7726 3770
Tel (Hunting Line): +603-7726 5770 / +603-7728 0770
Tel (Fax): +603-7728 9770
See the website Shogun:

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If I go to KL,u bring me to there and give me a big treat..okie dokei??
Anonymous said…
Yea, I went there once during lunch time, it was great and the most important thing is.. NO queue! xD
like thatm i will eat until u become bankrupt (laugh)
Anonymous said…
excuse me, its PANDAN, not pantan.