Miga, Quatchi & Sumi - Vancouver Olympic 2010

Meet Miga, Quatchi & Sumi - the new mascots for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games! Inspired by British Columbian aboriginal legends, these ambassadors will be travelling and sharing their stories with children across Canada. Learn more, play games, get wallpapers: Vancouver 2010 website

The characters of Vancouver 2010 Olympic;

Miga is a sea-bear. Sea-bears are orca whales that turn into bears on land - but Miga is special and turns into a Kermode bear. Because Miga is young, she got stuck half-way during her transformation, now parts of her are orca and parts of her are Kermode!

is an elusive shy Sasquatch whose passion for hockey and photography has him traveling all over Canada to find friends to play with. If you see him in your neck of the woods, give him a big hug!

is an animal guardian spirit, from head to toe he represents the the sea-to-skies of British Columbia. He loves taking care of his animal friends and has a sweet tooth for hot cups of cocoa in the Whistler lodges.

It is very fun when I was playing quiz, and games! I like to watch a trailer about how the characters will meet up at one place! They are very cutee ^ ^

Play Quiz about which character you like.. :P

Why does Miga love snowboarding? What does Quatchi love to do when he’s not playing hockey? What are some of Sumi’s amazing powers? Find out about it..

Enjoy to watch;

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